Gerontological Nursing

Want to improve care for older adults in your care settings?

Join the Gerontological Nursing Council!

Gerontological nurses are located all over the state and we work in a variety of clinical settings including long term care facilities, clinics, home health care, education, and administration. Members of the Gerontological Nursing Council are nurses leading change to prevent falls and improve quality of care and life for older adults and their families.

The mission of our Council is to provide communication and resources for nurses across NC to build knowledge related to best practice in the care of older adults.

Our vision is to improve quality of care delivered to older North Carolinians.

The Gerontological Council Goals:
1. Increase and engage members focused in care of older adults
2. Improve care delivery of older adults in NC—nurses leading change
3. Strengthen collaboration with other gerontological and advocacy organizations

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Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries and the second leading cause of nonfatal injuries for people over 65. The North Carolina Falls Prevention Coalition brings together researchers, planners, health care providers, housing specialists, aging services providers, and many others to work together to reduce the number of falls and fall-related injuries for North Carolinians. Learn more about work to prevent falls by increasing awareness, providing education and training, providing tools and resources, and fostering linkages between programs and organizations working to reduce falls. For additional information about the North Carolina Falls Prevention Coalition, go to this link:

Gerontology Nursing Information and Online Resources

Gerontological nurses use knowledge, skill, resources, and creativity to facilitate quality of care and life for older adults. Lifelong learning by nurses is a must in order to grow personally and professionally to meet the ever-changing needs of the people they serve.

Gerontological nurses have a special combination of clinical expertise and a holistic approach to taking care of older people as people and not simply patients. These nurses look at where the person came from and where they are going relative to their dynamic health status. From monitoring the cardiac functions of an older person running in a marathon to easing pain and providing comfort during the dying process at the end of life, gerontological nurses embrace both caring and curing.

As individuals and as part of the professional organization, gerontological nurses advocate on behalf of older persons. Gerontological nurses confront ethical issues every day in caring for these people. As direct providers of care, these nurses are in a pivotal position to translate the needs of older persons from diverse care settings to the General Assembly and state agencies, where policies that impact on the elderly are written and legislated.

Through continuing education, peer networking, and professional standards, state-of- the-art information is communicated to nurses throughout the state. Position papers supporting gerontological nursing in the curriculum in schools of nursing have advanced the level of sensitivity and skill provided by nurses. Gerontological nurses also contribute to the literature through their own research and publications.

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