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The Hallmarks of Healthy Workplaces recognition program was created to recognize workplaces which have created positive work environments for nurses in North Carolina. The program is designed to help nurses, health care providers and administrators design workplaces in which nurses own their own practices and contribute actively to facility governance to achieve the ultimate in quality service. Hallmarks Recognition is open to any workplace where three or more Registered Nurses work or volunteer. This can include large hospitals, units within hospitals, schools of nursing, home health agencies, correctional facilities and more! Help your workplace receive the recognition it deserves by applying for Hallmarks.


The Hallmarks vision is that North Carolina will be blanketed in workplaces that value the services their registered nurses provide.


  • To give recognition to single health-related agencies or sub-units of those agencies which have developed healthy workplaces for nurses to work.
  • To promote open communication, respect and solution-focused actions to enhance the nurse’s delivery of professional care.
  • To strengthen the recruitment and retention of nurses.


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