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Individual Educational Activity Process

If you are planning an educational activity that is being designed to increase/change/improve the knowledge, skills and/or practice of nurses, you can apply to NCNA for approval to award contact hours for the education. 

APPROVAL PROCESS: If you are planning an educational activity and would like to be able to offer nursing contact hours for this single activity you would use this section. Once approved, this activity can be offered at your discretion during the approval period. Please note there is a strict acceptance deadline of a minimum of eight (8) weeks before the scheduled start date of the activity. This is explained further within the section.

The North Carolina Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

To apply for approval to award contact hours:

  • Complete the current Revised 2015 Criteria Individual Educational Activity Application
    Individual Educational Activity Application (IAA) (Revised August 2021)
    (including any additional materials/forms/attachments required/requested within the application). Please be sure to also complete/review the educational materials and the Application Attachments that are located after the Fee Schedule.
  • Please take note that the Applicant Eligibility Verification Form is no longer a separate form to be included. It is now part of the IAA application.
  • Once completed, submit your application via email to Please submit as one file.
  • If you plan to submit more than one application at the same time it is important that you still submit each application as a separate, complete item. Please email each application seperately.
  • To ensure adequate time for the application's review and approval process, applicants are encouraged to submit their application least 8 weeks in advance of the planned delivery date. (If we receive the application at NCNA less than 8 weeks out from the start date, you must have added the required late fees to the cost for the contact hours to get the total fee amout.) (See fee chart below.)

After submission to NCNA:

  • The submitted activity application is sent to Nurse Peer Reviewers to evaluate whether or not the application is complete, and if it meets all the ANCC/NCNA criteria for awarding contact hours.  
  • If any additional documentation or clarifications are requested as a result of the review process, applicants are responsible for successfully completing and submitting the additional information requested, and by the stated due date, before NCNA can consider approving the activity to award contact hours.  
  • All approved individual activities are granted approval for a two year period (unless a shorter period is requested in the application).
  • After approval the activity can be delivered as often as desired within the approval period of time. 


Application Submission and Fee

  1. Normal application submission 8 weeks (56 or more days) before activity begins:

    1.0 – 3.0 contact hours:

    3.1 or more contact hours:
    $150.00 + $25.00 for each contact hour (or portion of an hour) over 3.0 hours
    Example: 4.5 contact hours (that arrive at NCNA at least 8 weeks out from start date) would be $200 ($150 + $25 + $25 = $200)

  2. Late fees (rush fees) for application submission under 8 weeks before activity begins (to be added to the above fee schedule calculation under A)

    Late Fee Example:
     Requesting 4.5 CHs = fee of $200
       Based on your timing, mailing, and start date, NCNA will receive the app 38-47 days out from
       start date. Your late fee will be $500
       Add CH Fee ($200) to Late Fee ($500) for total fee due.
       $200 + $500 = $700 total fee due


    Timeframe Credit Hours Additional Cost
    48-55 days ≤ 3.0 $150
      ≥ 3.1 ≤ 6.0 $300
      ≥ 6.1 $500
    38-47 days ≤ 3.0 $325
      ≥ 3.1 ≤ 6.0 $500
      ≥ 6.1 $750
    30-37 days ≤ 3.0 $500
      ≥ 3.1 ≤ 6.0 $750
      ≥ 6.1 $900
    15-29 days ≤ 3.0 $900
      ≥ 3.1 ≤ 6.0 $1150
      ≥ 6.1 $1500

Application Attachments

CONFLICT OF INTEREST FORM - This document must be completed for each individual who is in a position to control the content of the activity, this includes all planning committee members and all speakers and/or authors. 
Conflict of Interest Form (2015 Criteria) (Revised Oct 2017)

DISCLOSURES - Disclosures must be shared with the learner sometime prior to the beginning of the educational activity. Required disclosures include: all criteria for completion (what the participant must do/meet to earn the contact hours), a statement regarding the presence or absence of any conflicts of interest for those in a position to control the content of the activity, and the NCNA CNE approval statement.
Sample Disclosure Form (REV 11.26.19)

Other required disclosures when applicable:

  • If the planned education activity has a joint provider, then the name of the joint provider(s) must be disclosed to the learner prior to the start of the education.
  • If the planned education activity has received any kind of commercial support then the name of the commercial support organization must be disclosed to learners prior to the start of the education. See ANCC content integrity standards.
  • If the activity is available to the learner as an enduring material, then an expiration date (last date available to earn contact hours) needs to be disclosed to the learner prior to the start of the education.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION - The certificate must contain the name/address of the organization providing the contact hours, space for the name of the attendee, title of educational activity, date education completed, number of contact hours awarded, and the NCNA approval statement. If the activity contains any contact hours for Nurse Practioners  on pharmatherapeutics, then those hours needs to be included on the certificate.  

EVALUATION - Every activity must be evaluated following the completion of the activity. 2015 ANCC criteria require the evaluation of whether or not the desired learning outcomes were met. 
Sample Evaluation Tool

Required Written Agreement (If Applicable)

Commercial Support Agreement (2015 Criteria) 

Additional Information

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