NP Series: Leadership in Practice
November 17, 2021 | 9:00am-12:00pm
Via Zoom (3.0 CH)
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2022 Annual Psych Retreat
February 4-5, 2022
Charlotte, NC
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2022 Nurse Practitioner Spring Symposium
March 20-23, 2022
Asheville, NC
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Nursing Celebrated, Honored at NC Nurses Association Annual Convention
Meka Douthit El has been installed as NCNA’s 55th president as NCNA honored nurses and put a special focus on the theme of resiliency and burnout.  
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Blue Cross NC Endorses the SAVE Act
In a letter to legislators this month, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina officially announced its support for the SAVE Act. 
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NC's Nursing Shortage & COVID Surge are Fueling Burnout
A new survey of members of the North Carolina Nurses Association is highlighting the fatigue of an overwhelmed nursing workforce on the front lines of the state’s COVID-19 battle. Some of the most telling results include:
• 77% of respondents say their facility is already experiencing a shortage of RN staff
• 13% of respondents say they are so burnt out they are ready to leave the profession
• 89% of respondents say they have been vaccinated
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Message from our President & President-Elect
As the coronavirus pandemic once again ramps up and fills North Carolina's hospitals and ICUs, NCNA President Dennis Taylor and NCNA President-elect Meka Douthit EL want nurses to know we share your frustrations, we appreciate your sacrifices, and we stand with you.
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Pressure Building on NCGA to Pass the SAVE Act
The “crossover” deadline did not impact North Carolina’s bill to grant full practice authority to APRNs; NCNA is calling on legislators to take action soon. Meanwhile, the coalition of support for the legislation continues to grow.
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Alliance for Connected Care Announces Support for the SAVE Act
A national coalition of organizations promoting telehealth has endorsed Full Practice Authority for APRNs in North Carolina.
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Amazon Endorses the SAVE Act
The online sales giant sees benefits of Full Practice Authority for APRNs for both its own employees and the 2 million North Carolinians living in primary care shortage areas.
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Happy Nurses Week!
The past year has been unlike any other, especially for those of us in healthcare. With coronavirus vaccines widely available, we might finally be ready to start celebrating again.
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NCNA Wins 2021 Gold Circle Award from ASAE
The American Society of Association Executives announced a record-breaking 300 submissions for 15 categories from associations, nonprofits and for-profit organizations across the country. NCNA’s video campaign for Nurses Week in 2020 won the Digital Content award.