Member Spotlight

Terry Moore was the first male to graduate from his school of nursing in 1970. There was a lot of stigma around being a male nurse at that time, but Terry pushed through, choosing to serve his community and patients.

49 years later, Terry still works part-time as a geriatric nurse. He works in a retirement center as the charge nurse on a skilled unit and hopes to continue for as long as he is able to keep working. His unit does rehab, hospice, and care for those with mild dementia.

One of Terry’s most memorable moments as a nurse was in the eighties as one of a few nurses to work on an AIDS hospice unit. So many nurses refused. However, Terry believes that, “we are not to choose those patients we want to care for, but we were to care for anyone who needed us.” Terry cared for so many young men who died below the age of 30. Many of them had been abandoned by friends and family. “Each time they thanked me, I would say, no thank you, because I am doing what God allowed me to train for,” Terry said.

The same thing that motivated Terry when he began training as a nurse in the late sixties continues to motivate him today. He enjoys caring for those in need of a well-trained nurse. “I certainly did not go into nursing to become rich, I felt it was a calling,” he said.

Terry’s Advice for a New Nurse: I hope you became a nurse because that is what you want to do, and not because it is a secure job.  I would tell my students years ago, there is no glamour in nursing, but you will have a lifetime of satisfaction that you cared enough to care for someone

NCNA thanks you for being a part of our community and for your passion for nursing, Terry!

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