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Mary LaRose, BSN, RN

Mary LaRose has 12 years of experience in nursing, and is currently a Clinical Nurse Educator at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, where she is the educator for eight different units in the Medicine Division.


Share a nursing experience of when you learned something about yourself, or about being a nurse, that was meaningful to you.
We share a connect to purpose at our institution at beginning of meetings. It's always difficult to be floated off of your unit, and its even more difficult to float to a different specialty. I had an ICU nurse get floated to a medsurg floor. After her day I thank her for coming and helping and asked if she had any feedback. She told me she never realized how difficult medsurg "floor" nursing was and she had a new found respect for her colleagues on the unit. It's easy to judge others, but until we work in their shoes we never truly understand what their work flow is like and how different we all our. 

What inspires you most about being a nurse?
My mother is a nurse and I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but hearing her patient stories and the connections she made with her patients made me want to be just like her. 

One day I was taking care of a patient in the ICU he was very confused and combative. During his bath he looked at me and said, "Hi Mary", and I of course said hi. He said his name and I told him good job, he then asked me if I knew him. I said no, but you are and repeated his name. He said we worked together at a restaurant years ago. At the moment, I truly saw him and saw the man I worked with years ago. He slipped back into his delirious state shortly after that encounter. I have neve forgotten that moment we connect. 

We can get frustrated or in our routines and stop seeing patients as people with lives outside of the four walls of the hospital, but when we stop and connect in makes the job even that more special.

Do you have a favorite quote, cartoon or image about nursing to share?
As an educator, people come to me for help and/or complain about a teammate and I always ask them 4 things: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? Is what I'm about to say helpful or hurtful?

Sometimes we need to vent and get our frustrations out, but gossiping and spreading false information never helps the situation. Nursing is hard enough we don't need to be against each other too!

NCNA thanks you for being a part of our community and for your passion for nursing, Mary!


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