Recorded Continuing Education

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New Webinars:

*NEW* Webinar: Management of Sleep Complaints in Older Adults
(Ends March 1, 2026)

*NEW* Webinar: "NEPD Council Poverty Simulation: How to Engage Various Learners and Incorporate Social Determinants of Health"
(Ends November 22, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: "2nd Annual Hot Topics in Caring for the Older Adult"
(Ends November 15, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: "Moving Beyond 'Cookie Cutter' Retention Strategies"
(Ends October 16, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: Leveraging the Power of Positive Conflict (Gero Council)
(Ends August 29, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: Presentation Tips for Speakers: Presenting with Confidence
(Ends June 13, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: Nutrition for the Geriatric Patient
(Ends May 23, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: Purposeful Nursing Careers: 3 Ways to Discover Your Nursing Niche 
(Ends May 18, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar: The Swiss Army Knife of Trauma Resuscitation (CNS Council)
(Ends April 27, 2025)

*NEW* Webinar:  “Disaster Recovery and Resiliency through the Lens of Trauma-informed Care” (DNP Council)
(Ends December 20, 2024)

*NEW* Webinar:  “Sexually Transmitted Infections in our Region and the Updated 2021 Treatment Guidelines” (South Central Region)
(Ends December 20, 2024)

*NEW* Webinar:  “Bullying in Healthcare: What Every Nurse Should Know” (Triangle Region)
(Ends December 20, 2024)

*NEW* Webinar:  “Title Protection for Nurses - What it is and Why it's Important” (Mountain Region)
(Ends December 20, 2024)

*NEW* Webinar: Kicking up your Knowledge of Lower Extremity Ulcers (Gero Council)
(Ends December 15, 2024)

Webinar: It’s 2022: What Would Florence Do Now? (Southwest Region) 
(Ends December 15, 2024)

Webinar: Substance Use Disorder- What Nurses Need to Know (Mountain Region)
(Ends December 15, 2024)

Webinar: How to Implement a Full Day of Simulation Using Various Learning Strategies and Minimal Faculty (Simulation Council)
(Ends December 15, 2024)

Webinar: Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior in Community and Primary Care Psychiatric Settings
(Ends December 7, 2024)

Webinar: Bedside, Boardroom, Teach, Travel: Nurses Mapping Their Career Paths
(Ends December 7, 2024)

Webinar: Human Trafficking Part 2 (Southeast Region)
(Ends April 27, 2025)

Webinar: Advocacy--Getting Started; Finding Staying Power
(Ends April 27, 2025)

Webinar: Perspectives on Oral Health and Aging (Gero Council)
(Ends March 16, 2025)

Webinar: Human Trafficking – Part One (Southeast Region)
(Ends March 15, 2025)

Webinar: Reducing Delirium in Hospitalized Older Adults (Gero Council)
(Ends February 28, 2025)

Webinar: Recognizing the Impact of the Social Determinants of Health on the Quality of Life of Older Adults (Gero Council)
(Ends August 15, 2024)

Webinar: A Multi-Patient Simulation (Simulation Council)
(Ends August 8, 2024)

Webinar: Understanding Implicit Bias: Knowledge is Power in the Achievement of Health Equity (Southeast Region)
(Ends August 8, 2024)