Where you work is vital to how you work. Workplaces should foster open communication, adapt to changes, and allow nurses to practice to the full scope of the training and education. It not only makes for a healthier work environment, but better patient outcomes. NCNA is proud to advocate for nurses within their own workplaces: when we let our voices be heard, we help bring positive changes to the workplaces and advocate for improved patient care.

Workforce advocacy is a constructive and comprehensive approach for registered nurses to improve:

  • workplace and learning environments
  • the capacity to advocate for safe, quality patient care
  • the ability to practice to the full extent of their education, licensure and professional scope
  • relationships with colleagues and coworkers
  • an understanding of the internal factors that contribute to work satisfaction
  • tools, resources and education to support RNs in these efforts

Assumptions of a strong nursing workforce advocacy program are:

  • to protect the respect and dignity of all individuals
  • support nursing activities designed to protect nurses and vulnerable populations
  • an understanding of the complexity of healthcare environments
  • civil, assertive, and respectful interprofessional behavior
  • families and communities as the center of the healthcare team
  • honoring the uniqueness and diversity of every individual
  • interprofessional collaboration to ensure quality and safety of all members within the healthcare environment
  • adherence to the Code of Ethics to guide decisions and behaviors.
  • continuous quality improvement in workplace environments.