NCNA Honor Roll

The NCNA Honor Roll is designed to recognize the incredible contributions of nurses who have been members (both state and national membership) for at least 40 continuous years.

Lois Atkinson Andrews
Mary Bailey
Annette Beam
Eunice E. Benjamin
Clara E. Bodenheimer
Audrey Booth
Helen Merrill Brinson
Rachel P. Brown
Margaret Burke
Dorothy Burns
Anna A. Burton
Phyllis Campbell
Mable Carlyle
Prandy Chamblee
Bessie M. Chapman
Josephine Cothran
Fanny Sue Crews
Sheila Cromer
Algie Crutchfield
Ola Daniel
Rebecca L. Dean
Mary Decker
Jessie Devane
Jacqueline Dienemann
Dorothy Efird
Helena Eiden
Vercie Eller
Loletta Faulkenberry
Bette Ferree
Harriette Finch
C. Elaine Fox
Mary E. Francis
Estelle Fulp
Rachel Funderburk
Kathlyn Gaines
Bobbie Gibson
Jean Gosnell
Ruth Graham
Paul Allen Gray, Jr.
Pauline Greene
Annie L. Hayes
Lucille Helwig
Carolyn Henderson
Edith Hoover
Phyllis Horns
Mary Helen Wylie Hovis
Evelyn Jernigan
Eileen Joyner
Fitzhugh Kesler
Betty Kiger

Helen Koldjeski
Theodore Koldjeski
Carol Koontz
Rose Marie Koves
Karen Krupa
Jean T. Lassiter
Betty Lee Lovell
Ida Faye Manley
Esther Markham
Hannah Matthews
Colleen McIver
Frank D. Moore
Hazel Moore
Mary Lou Moore
Adelma E. Mooth
Grace Nifong
Margaret Nixon
Ruth Overby
Gladysteen Hester Pait
Thelma Parsons
Helen E. Peeler
Susan Foley Pierce
Ruby Plyler
Jean Pochert
Gladys M. Poindexter
Nancy Ponivas
Nancy Porter
Beulah C. Powell
Marva Price
Cheryl Reimel Rachels
Mary Reavis
Lillian Roberts
Ida Sanders
Madge Shepard
Mary Shook
Ruby Martin Simmons
Hazel Stacks-Byrd
Virginia Stone
Olivia Street
Loucille Swaim
Dorothy M. Talbot
Mary Thomas
Russell “Gene” Tranbarger
Vicki Tutor
Hedwig Weiler
Beunie Ervin Wentz
Ruby Wilson
Dorothy Wood
Lois Yoder
Louise Yount

About the NCNA Honor Roll

Honor Roll designees receive recognition on an annual basis in the Tar Heel Nurse, on the NCNA website, and at the Annual Convention. Once someone is inducted into the Honor Roll, their name is permanently on the recognition listing.

If you feel you fit the description of being a member of your state and national association for over 40 years without a lapse in dual membership, please contact the NCNA office to receive an application. This group is also open to nominations of non-nurses that have positively influenced the nursing profession. NCNA members can nominate a non-nurse by also requesting an application. The NCNA Board will have final decision for approval at the mid-year Board Meeting.