Membership in NCNA links you to RNs throughout the State of North Carolina.

NCNA makes connecting with other nursing professionals easy. North Carolina is a big state, and our profession incorporates many specialties. NCNA’s structure and programs make it possible to engage with other like-minded professionals without having to take too much time away from jobs and family.

Our organization is only possible through the hard work and dedication of our volunteer leadership. At the right time in your career, you may be interested in stepping into a leadership role to shape policy, drive educational focus and connect with the other professional nurses who are sustaining North Carolina’s position as a leader in healthcare excellence.

Together, we can raise standards of care for our patients, share knowledge, and move Nursing Forward®!

There are multiple ways to engage with your fellow members:

  • Network at the regional and state level
  • Connect with other professionals within your practice specialty
  • Volunteer for NCNA member-driven programs
  • Attend NCNA-sponsored events in your Region and our annual Convention
  • NCNA Connect is an exclusive, members-only online community connecting you with other NCNA members across the state.

You’ll meet committed, dynamic nurses, who have made nursing in North Carolina a professional priority.

“NCNA is very important to me. I have grown so much in the 10 years that I have been in North Carolina. I have met so many wonderful nurses who are really dedicated to our profession.”
— NCNA Member Angie B.
Southeast Region