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One of the best ways to help lead Nursing Forward® is to volunteer with NCNA. Taking on a leadership position within your region or on one of our councils will allow you to better shape the conversation and make decisions that directly impact what is most important to you. Our Regional Advisory Committees and Council Executive Committees are always looking for new members who can bring a new perspective to reviewing awards nominations, planning conferences, or advocating for your profession at the North Carolina General Assembly!

See our wide range of volunteering opportunities below and let us know what looks like the best fit! If you have any questions, email NCNA at


I'd Like to Volunteer


So we may get to know you and help find the appropriate spot for you, please tell us a little about your professional and community involvement to date. (please limit to 100 words or fewer)


Please share a little about your motivations for volunteering within the nursing profession, community, and/or NCNA specifically.  (please limit to 100 words or fewer)


NCNA Board of Directors (state level)

ANA Volunteer Opportunities (national level)

Regional Advisory Committee Leadership

Volunteering in my Region

Council Leadership

If you selected Council Leadership, please specify which council:

Advanced Practice

Leadership Role within Specialty Council/Commission

Contribute to APRN Practice Info on Website

Volunteer Opportunities Specific to APRN Issues

Association Governance, Operations, and Policy

Review and Draft Bylaws/Association Policies

Budget Preparation

Review of Financial Statements

Financial Policy Work

Awards & Recognition

Review Awards Nominations

Review Scholarship Applications


Distribute NCNA Information

Help with work at NCNA Office

Legislative & Advocacy

Serve as Nurse of the Day

Fundraise for NC Nurses PAC

Attend Meetings at General Assembly

Call/Write Elected Officials

Events & Education

Event Curriculum Planning

Event On-Site Volunteering

Submit Articles for Association Publications

Content Expert for Events/Meetings

If you selected Content Expert, please provide examples of content:


Nurse Liaison to Community Group

Community Service Project

Future of Nursing Project

Early Career Nurses Group

If you selected Early Career Nurses Group, please provide the date you were first licensed.

Workplace Advocacy

Plan/Promote Programs to Improve RN Work Environment

Review "Best Practices" Award Submissions

Participate in Beyond Bullying Project(s)

If you have yet to participate in a professional organization volunteer capacity, please tell us how NCNA can facilitate your participation (i.e. "buddy" system, orientation, etc.).